Archive & Site-based

Much of my work (especially the recent work) is archive or site based. So far I have just placed a few items here that do not fit neatly elsewhere.

Freeman’s Wood

Rivals, 2014, 2 minutes
A piece about the historic rivalry between Williamson and Storey, as it was played out in Lancaster civic society and on the cricket ground.

Sacrificed, 2014, 4.13 minutes
A four part piece about how local people have used and enjoyed Freeman’s Wood, and their hopes for the future.
          Common Ground, poem
          BMX Track, animation
          Global Profiteering, animation
          Hope: A New Town Green, animation

2014, 1 minute
The installation and animation called Speculation were created for the Storey Gallery’s project LANDED, which is based on the contested loss of Freeman’s Wood to property development.


A collection of items found at Halton Mill site. There are 6 display boxes, each with a different theme. This contains NAAFI items from the Second World War when troops were stationed on site. 2014

Forced Journeys
Collograph made for Holocaust Memorial Day 2014,