Artists Books 2006


Mermaids. A tag book. Each tag can be pulled from its pocket to reveal a mermaid or merman on one side and a story on the reverse. The mermaids have been found in churches in England, Wales, Ireland and Europe. (Not available)

Piano-hinged book, 2006
Ten imagined stories narrated by people who lived around the bay between 1867 and 2000, with a twist to each story hidden as a message in a bottle. (Not available)

Rocks and Relics

Rocks and Relics. Double accordion fold, hard covers,
of found materials; pages of mixed media prints, acrylic screen mono-prints with soft pastels and Lazertran overlays on Somerset paper: 27cm X32cm; £380

Precious World

Precious World. Wire-edge side-bound, hard covers,
Text on acid free cartridge, digitally-scanned dry-point etchings on hakone unryu, archival inkjet, limited edition 50, 22X16cm; (Not available)

Sacred Mountains

Sacred Mountains. Illustrations scanned scraper board. (Not available)