Artists Books 2008

Rock and Water

Rock and Water. A book about the River Lune, based on an altered mapping of the river, the old, little-used names for each bend and pool, the similarity of the sedimentary rocks in the area with water patterns, and with two poems. (Not available)

Rock and Water

Rock and Water. This larger one-off version with a cover in the shape of a pebble (papier-mache) is in the MMU collection.

Presence of Rust. Inspired by the iron deposits in the rocks at Aldingham, Cumbria. £15 (Plus P&P)

Paper Constellations

Paper Constellations. 1 A4 multiple fold book in a box. Transformed photos of shredded paper on tarmac outside Glasgow University. £50 (Plus P&P)

Albion Mills/Factory Hill

Albion Mills/Factory Hill, Lancaster. 3 A4 sheet multiple fold books, with detailed photos of wood, stone, metal, plant. Sold.

On Islay Without A Camera

On Islay Without A Camera. We forgot to pack it. So I bought a disposable one. A whole catalogue of errors meant I ended up with no photos, but a very funny story. NFS