Artists Books 2009

Lost on a Beach

Lost on a Beach. Copper etched with patterns derived from litter on the beach – thinking about the damage caused to the environment at the same time as ‘damaging’ the copper.
One-off. Size; Box12 X 9 X 7cm. Materials; etched copper, hand-made paper, leather thong, hand-made box, £220 (Plus P&P)

Stations of the Circle

Stations of the Circle. A book which encourages you on a walk of discovery in the Avenham area of Preston, to find the many different coal-hole covers. If you go with a friend you could have fun with the various suggested actions.
Size; 10.5 X 15cm. Materials; acid-free cartridge paper, archival inkjet ink. (Not available)

Patient Mudras

Patient Mudras. An imaginary journey around India, based on an observation of patient hand positions while waiting, which reminded me of the various prayer forms (mudras). The pages have recesses with spices (the scent sadly evanescent).
Size; 20.5 X 7cm. Materials; watercolour paper, archival inkjet ink, spices. (Not available)