Artists Books 2011

Sampling Sunderland Glass

Sampling Sunderland Glass, Edition 5, Westernbound, hardback book, archival ink jet print on acid-free cartridge paper, Book made for Theresa Easton’s artists books project on Sunderland. I undertook research in the museum and in the current townscape and decided to focus on glass. I used charcoal and chalk on fawn pastel paper to express the graphic qualities of glass. (Not available)

Sweeney and the Credit Crisis

Sweeney and the Credit Crisis. 2014. The traditional Irish story about King Sweeney who is turned into a bird, re-imagined as poem about a rich man turned mad by the credit crisis. £15 (Plus P&P) Sweeney&The Credit Crash sm

Knots and Crosses - a one-off altered book

Knots and Crosses – a one-off altered book. A book altered by additive and subtractive methods. £90 (Plus P&P)Knots & Crosses sm

Oh We Do Like To Be Beside the Seaside

Oh We Do Like To Be Beside the Seaside. The short version  above is in the collection of UCA, Farnham. A slightly larger version with more pages is available. A view of the coast where the locations and connections are strangely altered, because what matters is that the shores are always sandy and the sun is always shining. £50 (Plus P&P)

Leaf Escape, a one-off altered book

Leaf Escape, a one-off altered book. Originally Architectural Plants by Christine Shaw, altered using cutting and folding without adding or subtracting. Sold

Bookscape - Rivers

Bookscape – Rivers. A book ‘Loire Valley in a Week’ by Martin Symington, altered by cutting and subtracting to make a paper river valley.

Overcrowded Aquarium

Overcrowded Aquarium. A book altered by cutting and subtracting. Sold.

Through the Shredder

Through the Shredder, £90 (Plus P&P)

Cotton Town testimonies

Changing Times: Cotton Town Testimonies 1870. A Palm-leaf bound book, as this format fitted with the idea of using the pattern cards from a Jacquard loom as the base for the pages, to be strung on cotton cord. Imagined stories of the lives of cotton workers in Preston. £25 (Plus P&P)