I work with both traditional and digital print methods.
(This part of the website is incomplete and under development.)

Digital Prints
Much of my work is now based on explorations of particular sites and what makes them unique.  Many people now explore abandoned buildings through a movement called Urbexing or Urban Exploring, and often post photos on the web. I wanted to transcend the immediate reality of simple photos, and instead create a series of works which celebrate the random patterns I noticed within them. In creating this work I was also inspired by Wabi Sabi, the Zen Buddhist philosophy of art, which finds beauty in imperfection, decay and dilapidation.

The images show a combination of the patterns produced by the process of wear and tear on the interior of an abandoned and neglected building. While the prints are based on a series of digital photos, as several images have been layered together and the colours intensified, it is only sometimes possible to identify the original photographic subjects.

Traditional Prints (coming soon)
Lino cut
Soft-ground etch