Paper Sculpture

Value Added,
paper dresses, collection, 2015

Lotus Pleated Dress


Home series, tyvek ‘paper-cuts’, collection, 2016
Home Town


(Dis)Placement, map clothes, collection, 2011/2


Tarmac Infestation, map sculptures in box dioramas, 2013

Lost Future – map clothes,  one set, 2016
The drowned toddler, Alan Kurdi, is a poignant representative of the loss of so many people, the most precious resource of a country, and the destruction of Syria itself.

Lost Future

Lost Future, 68cm28cm, £290, (Plus P & P)

Where Are We Going? – papier mache, 2016
Footprints, ghostly white, with inlaid true stories, not only make their way through difficult physical terrain, but also through the difficulties of media attention, interpretation and prejudice.

Lost Future (map clothes) on Where Are We Going? papier mache footprints

Lost Future (map clothes) on Where Are We Going? papier mache footprints, NFS

Where Are We Going? Detail

Where Are We Going? Detail

Whose Freedom, Whose Empire? Map Clothes, 2015
An apron made from a map of Queen Victoria’s Empire.
Custom-made for my  solo exhibition in the Storey Gallery, Lancaster, March 2016, following a tradition that artists who are exhibiting there make an item which relates to the theme of the exhibition to place on Queen Victoria’s statue.

Whose Freedom, Whose Empire?

Whose Freedom, Whose Empire? £130 (Plus P & P)