Value Added

Value Added, 2015
Paper dresses about the migration of people to Preston in 20th century. Many migrants worked in the cotton industry in Preston, so the paper clothes loosely based on Horrockses’ ready-made designs from the late 1940s to 1970s carry the concept of the contribution which these groups of people made to British industry and culture.
Many (though clearly not all) of the original Horrockses dress fabrics used a rose, which is the English national flower. I replaced the flowers on the fabric with national flowers of the countries of origin and also used pieces of maps from those countries within the flowers. For Poland I also used the almond to represent the Jewish menorah, from the description in Exodus 25:31-40.
Lino print or stencils were used for the ‘fabric’ design. The style of each dress design was based on the relevant time period, and drew inspiration from the collections at the Harris Museum and Art Gallery.

Lotus Pleated Dress, India (sold)

Lotus Pleated Dress, India, H110cmXW60cmXD9cm (sold)

Poppy and almond dress

Poppy and Almond Housedress, Poland,H112cmXW112cmXD9cm,£190 (Plus P&P)

Dress for Dominica using national flower and flag colours

Bois Carib Sun Dress, Dominica, H100cmXW64cmXD9cm, £190 (Plus P&P)

Shapla Maxi Dress

Shapla Maxi Dress, Bangladesh, H110cmXW130cmXD9cm, £190 (Plus P&P)

Marigold Halterneck Dress, Gujurat/Kenya and Uganda, H79cmXW50cmXD9cm, £190