My practice includes artists’ books, paper sculptures, print, installations (using objects or sound), group vocal performance, and guided walks. These diverse practices are connected by their development from site-specific investigations. The aim is to make people aware of, or to reframe, connections between places, times and events, and to create opportunities for people to embed new associations and perceptions in their memories of a particular environment.

A great deal of my current work, but not all of it, is inspired by my locality, especially Morecambe Bay.
My work is often based on my love of and concern for the natural environment, while at the same time acknowledging the realities of the modern world, and I want to share both these aspects with others. In my less serious works, I hope to encourage playfulness and curiosity by the unfamiliar nature of the binding methods. Exploration of the craft of artists’ books is as fundamental to my practice as the themes I choose.

Any comments? Please e-mail me, catriona (at) artistsbooks.org
However, if this fails please inform me via my partner, chris (at) utopia-britannica.org.uk

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